Pedigree file

Pedigree file is used for deriving numerator relationship matrix and inbreeding coefficient. Three columns in file are required orderly. The first column is the individual id, the second and third columns are its father and mother id respectively. As the same with phenotype file, any symbol of the list above appears in the pedigree file will be treated as missing. An example file for pedigree is as following:

id	father	mother
Ind2	NA	NA
Ind5	Ind1	NA
Ind11	NA	Ind2
Ind17	Ind11	Ind5
Ind22	Ind1	Ind5
Ind45	Ind22	Ind2

The file should be assigned to flag --pedigree.


The order of individual id in the first column can be ranked by birth date, but it is not a compulsive requirement, as HIBLUP has the automatic function of sorting and rearrangement on the input pedigree.