Phenotype file

Different with other software, the phenotype file of HIBLUP should include not only the phenotypic records, but also the covariates, fixed and random effects. The first column must be the individual id, header should be included in the file. Brief view of example phenotype file is as following:

id	sex	season	day	weight	loc	dam	tr1	tr2	tr3
Ind1	F	Winter	100	2.9	l3	Ind902	73.9776	21.3252	35.7737
Ind2	M	Summer	100	1.5	l2	Ind902	94.1994	19.1162	54.2453
Ind3	M	Winter	100	1.8	l4	Ind903	88.6698	5.9538	71.0284
Ind4	M	Winter	100	1.9	l1	Ind903	87.0458	-2.8179	37.2703
Ind5	M	Spring	100	2.2	l3	Ind905	68.8077	2.5357	59.5402
Ind6	F	Autumn	100	1.9	l1	Ind905	85.9242	-3.06	48.4822

Any symbol below will be treated as missing when loading the file:

NA  Na  .  -  NaN  NAN  nan  na  N/A  n/a  <NA>

The file should be assigned to flag --pheno.

By default, HIBLUP will take the trait at second column for analysis, users can specify a different column by using --pheno-pos n, for example, --pheno-pos 8 represents using the 8th column for analysis.


If there are multiple traits to be used for estimating genetic correlation, please use space as separator, e.g. --pheno-pos 8 9 10.