What is HIBLUP

HIBLUP (say "Hi!" to BLUP), which is called “天权”in Chinese, is an user-friendly software that provides estimated genetic value of each individual by maximizing the usage of information from pedigree, genome, and phenotype, as well as all process-related functions, such as construction of relationship matrix, estimation of variance components (heritability) of traits and co-variance components (genetic correlation) between traits using various algorithms, solution of mixed model, computation of SNP effects, and implement of genomic mating. Users can easily achieve simple linear model (LM), best linear unbiased predictors (BLUP), pedigree basedBLUP (PBLUP), genomic BLUP (GBLUP), and single-step GBLUP (SSGBLUP) for single trait model, repeated traits model, and multiple traits model. The functions of HIBLUP will keep on being enriched with more functionalities based on users feedback.